our process for design clients

30 min Meet and Greet.

Get to know us and learn about our services


Book us!

We will create a custom plan together based on your budget, vision and must haves. We will send you a fee schedule and 50% of your design fee is services fee is required upon booking. 


 We connect you into our design processes using a secret collaborative pinterest board where we all can tag and comments on ideas as well as constant contact with you regaurding ideas and direction.


Design Presentation

Once we have created a plan we will give you a formal presentation with samples and mock ups for you to see in person to help you refine your design plan.


Our Working Relationship

We are available to you whenever you need. We act as your liason for your vendor team so that everyone is aware of your design vision to create a cohesive and beautiful event.

Need some recommendations of vendors? Don't worry we have an excellent family of wedding vendors called The Diamond Club, ask us more about our top knotch team!


Your Wedding Day

We want you to have a stress free day! We offer set up and tear down services!

Want to DIY?  We can arm you will all the plans you need to create your dream wedding!

Want Wedding Day Coordination? We have a premier group of wedding vendors to recommend to you! 


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what Costs to expect

Design Deposit

This covers all the hours spent researching, ordering/seeking product, contact with your vendors, graphic design for semi-custom products, developing seating layout/plan, maintianing your budget, designer-designer meetings to plan to create unique ideas, contact with you both in person and online,and development of your design presentation.

Design costs typically begin at $600 for a small event  Full design fees for a wedding are typically $1,800.

Rental Costs

All the rentals you choose, from both the II Sisters Store and from outside vendors, will be at an additional cost. We will provide you with a proposed rental invoice which is line itemed for each individual rental piece. We often include set up/break down fees within each item cost, unless you are planning on contributing to the set up and break down process. 


Items from the II Sisters Store are subject to a delivery/pick up fee starting at $40. Late night pick up will be at an additional fee. 

Set up +
Break down

When you are a full design client we will include this cost into your invoice unless you request otherwise.

For rental only clients set up and tear down fees apply to table top decor and anything requiring styling.

 We do not provide set up items from other vendors for a rental only client. 

Late night break down/pick up is available at an additional fee.