our process for design clients

Initial meet and greet.

Get to know us in person and make sure we are a good fit for your event. Tell us about how you met and your vision for your wedding. We can explain to you about our services and answer your questions.


As a design team, we are unable to share any of our design ideas and plans with our clients until a contract has been signed and a deposit has been made. Our designs are unique for each client and require many design hours to develop.

We are excited to meet you! We will not require you to make your decision or sign at your meet and greet.

We ask that your review our website prior to the meet and greet. As a courtesy to our designers, only serious design clients only please.


If you are ready to continue. You will continue by filling out the initial client paper work. You will be given a list of services and wedding details. You will select your list of must haves for your event. We also require you to provide us with your optimal and maximal decor/design budget.   We will use this information to formulate a design fee estimate for you based on your services and vision.

Why do we require a budget ahead of time? We need to know head of time if your budget reflects your dreams for your wedding. If not we need to be we will appropriately guide you with how to achieve your desired look.

 For us to begin the designing process we require the design deposit in full before we begin to work with you on your dream event.​ Once you have signed with us we will send you home with a packet of information including a basic timeline and promotions from each of our Diamond Club preferred Vendors.

I'm on a low budget, would your design fee be less? Not necessarily. Often trying to find a low budget option that matches your dreams is more time consuming and requires more hands on design. If you are on a low budget we recommend that you utilize our rental store! We also offer $75 per hour in person design consultations to chat with you, recommend rentals and help your problem solve. For clients who would like to commit to spending a minimum of $375 on rentals we offer a free 1 hr consultation. For these clients we require a contract to be signed committing to your minimum and either a deposit check or credit card on file.


We will have you fill out a personal questionnaire at the initial design meeting or online for us to get to know you and add all the authentic and original details to make your event YOURS.


We typically require a minimum of one month for us to research and gather all of our samples needed to prepare a full design presentation for you.


We will meet in person to present a full design demo to you. Our demos may include (floral demonstrations*, paper product samples, rental samples, table scape design, and pictures of our inspirations). 

*We typically work with your florist with you to execute the vision. If possible we like to include your florist to provide samples in the demo.


We allow for unlimited contact throughout our time together. We are a team and expect to be in contact with you frequently.


On your wedding/Event day we like to have you sit back and RELAX. You can come to see a sneek peak if you like or be surprised. We typically begin set up a minimum of a day prior to your event. 


Check out our list of services here

what Costs to expect

This covers all the hours spent researching, ordering/seeking product, contact with your vendors, graphic design for custom products, developing seating layout/plan, maintianing your budget, designer-designer meetings to plan to create unique ideas, contact with you both in person and online,and development of your design presentation.

Design costs typically begin at $600 for a small event 

Design Deposit

All the rentals you choose, from both the II Sisters Store and from outside vendors, will be at an additional cost. We will provide you with a proposed rental invoice which is line itemed for each individual rental piece. We often include set up/break down fees within each item cost, unless you are planning on contributing to the set up and break down process. 

Rental Costs

Items from the II Sisters Store are subject to a delivery/pick up fee starting at $40. 


When working with us for your design we will often include set up cost within your rental invoice. Any outside vendor rentals requiring set up will be at an additional cost.

Set up +
Break down