• Elyce Bishop

Why choose a Custom Wedding Invitation?

Updated: Mar 6

photo courtesy of Stephanie Wood Photography

What is the FIRST thing you guest will see?


I really have a passion for wedding invitations. That seems super funny to say, but I really do! I love creating a suite that is EXACTLY what the client has been searching for and unable to find. I have been an artistic person all my life and have found a passion in watercolor and line drawing because of our work. I used to search and search for the right images or the right suites online and I would spend HOURS and HOURS looking only to come up short. I would find things and think "Gosh I could do that" AND "I could have made that even better!"

Don't you love scrolling through weddings on pinterest and seeing these gorgeous suites. They blend perfectly with the rest of the wedding and they set the tone for the entire event.

So how do we get started?

First I will sit down and have a consultation with you regarding your overall design aesthetic for you wedding. I also love to know more about you two as a couple and any interests you share. I think sneaking in little fine details helps to personalize your suite.

You get a lot of bang for your buck!

I create multiple pieces of art for your suites so things are not "matchy matchy" and it will create that real custom feel. I like to utilize pieces of art on your other printables as well! So your programs, vow booklets, menus, table numbers and place cards can all be cohesive.

You will get the WHOLE feel.

Their is a feel to paper products. Choices in font, paper type, color and artwork all create moods. You will be able to develop the exact combinations of feels that you want your guest to experience. Having worked in this field for years we have great insight on how to create little extras like suite wraps and ties that will elevate your wedding without breaking the bank!

We have amazing friends.

We have developed some great with local companies like #blonocopyshop. We will be their to help you navigate the printing process and you will KNOW you will be getting a QUALITY product.

I am so excited to meet with you all and hear more about your special day.

Fill out our client form or contact form on the first page to get started today!

Lets makes something unique together!

- E L Y C E

see more of my artwork at https://www.instagram.com/Elyce.b.art/