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Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Meet Stephanie! She is one of the vendors that II Sisters Event Design + Rental Co. works along side with. Stephanie is the owner of Stephanie Wood Photography a full service boutique photographer based out of central Illinois. With her creative style she loves to bring out her clients natural personalities in such a fun and timeless way! Find out more about Stephanie and view some of her work in the article below!

Q: How did you get started in photography?

A: I started my love for photography in high school when I traveled to France after my Sophomore year with my French class. It was before the days of digital and I brought something like 20 rolls of film (which was about 15 more than most people brought). I remember this one photo in particular that I took of one of the castles in France and I framed it out with leaves in the foreground. To this day it’s one of my favorite photos I’ve taken.

Q: Why did you choose to set-up your business in Bloomington, IL?

A: I grew up in B-N, went to NCHS and IWU (and 1 year of grad school at U of I), so when I started my family I stayed in town to be close to my parents and my support system. I never thought I’d stay here this long but it really is a great town for raising a family.

Q: What are your favorite type of photos to shoot?

A: I love to capture emotion in portraits – the love between a young couple or the maturity in a couple who have been together for years and still in love. I’m also inspired by editorial photography and love individual portrait work where I get to know a person on a deeper level. To be able to create a photograph that shows who a person really is underneath the surface, and past the “persona” that we all put on day to day. To get into the raw parts of a person is where the true magic lies.

Q: When photographing a wedding, what is your favorite part of the day?

A: Wedding days are chocked full of wonderful moments. The anticipation of seeing her groom for the first time. The tears of a mom or dad seeing their daughter and that split second where a lifetime of memories flashes before their eyes – the first giggles as a newborn, the bike rides and trips to the beach, the late nights doing school projects, comforting them through the chaos and transitions of adolescence and now arriving at this moment where it all culminates in a white dress as she promises forever to the person she loves. I also love the time just after the couple says “I do” where I take the bride and groom off by themselves for a quiet moment to soak in this day that will forever shape the rest of their lives.

Q: What is your life motto being a photographer?

A: I think being a photographer carries an enormous responsibility with it. You are being trusted with seeing someone intimately while also being kind and capturing them in a way that makes them feel good about themselves. Nobody likes having bad photos taken of themselves so when someone puts that trust in me I do my best to honor it and am incredibly grateful for the opportunity.

Q: What was your favorite/most fun thing to shoot to date?

A: One of my favorite photography experiences was shooting a couple in the White Sands in New Mexico. It’s an incredible and unique environment that feels other-worldly. I also love photographing my own children as they grow and change and find their way in this world.

Q: What is your favorite way to end a long day of shooting?

A: Typically when I get home from a wedding my kids are in bed and the house is quiet. I pretty much just get in comfy clothes and watch a movie while uploading all my memory cards. Every once in a while I’ll get back from a wedding or a shoot when my kids are still up and it’s always the most excited they are to see me, so those hugs and kisses are pretty darn special. ;)

For contact information please visit Stephanie's website at https://www.stephwoodphoto.com/

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