• Elyce Bishop

A Wedding with your II Sisters

What does event design mean? Why should you use a wedding designer? What is it like to be a II Sisters client?

I feel like we get these questions a lot from prospective clients, other vendors or reporters. They are such loaded questions because, in all honesty, the answers are complex!

I feel like the best way to describe what an event designer does is to look at your wedding through an artistic lens. We aren't just renting you things that fit your color scheme or making sure you have all the stuff you need. We are really developing an experience that is specific to you as a couple. Our whole goal is for you to go through your wedding day feeling like every piece is reflective of you. We want your guests to feel the mood of you and your fiance's relationship from the very start to the very end.

There is a lot of pressure for your wedding day to be right

Frankly you have been dreaming of this for a really long time.

all photos courtesy of Stephanie Wood Photography

The BOTH of you

I guess him too...

We want the experience to be as good as you imaged or BETTER. Help to take out the guess work. We don't want you to feel like you have to handle all this alone. Or feel like you didn't have any part in planning it either. We offer the perfect balance in guidance, managing and planning. You are the leader, but we are here to back you up and help get it all done!

Get rid of the dread of "I guess we will see how it goes!" and terrible sleep!

With us, your guests will know, from the very beginning,

"this is going to be a good one" *wink *wink

printing and graphic design by #blonocopyshop The Copy Shop, Bloomington IL

We want the day to feel like YOU BOTH and not some copy of a theme you saw once.

We love to have everyone involved, because, if pried enough....

He has thoughts and cares too! Whether he realizes or not

WE are your advocate and your second eyes on everything. We speak with your vendors so everyone understands the PLAN. After a design presentation with us, you will have a whole slide show of inspiration images, details of what is being made, what is needed and layout of your wedding to give to all your vendors. Email, send, DONE! That easy.

Florals by @growinggrounds , Bloomington, IL

So that everything goes together and you can relax for all the important parts.

venue #lakesidecountryclub , Bloomington IL

And you can be ready for this!

You don't want the stress of a wedding plans to get in the way of you realizing the he looks at you.

Or miss the big breath and laugh moment when the serious part is done

YOU are number 1 in their eyes and you have today to feel the love of all you care for.

uplighting by @palmaentertainment

We will make sure everyone is Welcomed. We will help you make sure that no one is missed.

Graphic design and art by co-owner Elyce Bishop

We will help you tell your guest to "get off your dang phone!" in a pretty and dainty way

That everyone has what they need (the good stuff haha)

bar sign by Elyce Bishop , @elyce.b.art @iisisters.eventdesign

and that all the spaces flow, everything fits

and looks AMAZING.

That the men have a place to sit while...

you and your girls go dance to the Spice Girls

We understand that wedding details are daunting and it really isn't "a walk in the park" to get everything together. That is why you called us because, like family, II Sisters is here for you.

NOW go get another piece of cake because YOU DESERVE it. Plus, you have a minute to rest because we are spending the HOURS of researching, creating and styling so you DON'T HAVE TO!

cake by @sugarmamabakery floral by @growinggrounds